The Art of Successful Negotiation – OnDemand



In this webinar, you will the learn the process of win-win negotiation, active listening skills,
negotiation communication skills, as well as how you can apply this model to your own negotiations. Dr. Rick Goodman teaches this course on the Art of Negotiation.


Credits You’ll Earn:

AL 1.5g,CA 2g, CO 2g, FL 2.5g, GA 2g, IL 2g, ME 2g, MO 2.4g, NJ 2g, NV 2g, NY 2g, OR 2g, SC 1.5g, UT 2g, WA 2g, WV 2g, WY 2g


  • g = general
  • e = ethics
  • pr = professional responsibility


Dr. Rick Goodman speaks from real-life experiences and achieves great results! Dr. Rick is the author of Living a Championship Life: A Game Plan for Success, which has been widely acclaimed since its release. Dr. Rick has worked with companies of all sizes—from small businesses and entrepreneurial startups to Fortune 500 companies. His high-energy content rich keynotes, seminars and workshops are designed for associations and firms of all sizes that want to maximize their potential.