How to Protect Your Clients from Unauthorized Sellers on Amazon and eBay – OnDemand



Brands all over the world are being impacted with pricing control, distribution challenges
and profitability due to Unauthorized Sellers selling Authorized products on Amazon and eBay. Learn how you can protect your clients, provide solutions and recover damages on behalf of your client.

Taught by a leading International Cyber Investigator, you will learn some of the tools and tricks of the trade that has been responsible for solving cases involving international hackers, multi-national companies, serial stalkers, fraud rings, extortion, tortious interference and defamation. 
This is a 90-minute live webinar that will be available OnDemand One Week after the program

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the challenges of protecting your clients from unauthorized sellers and what you can do about it
  • Learn proven methodologies of discovery to target the offenders and build your case
  • Learn about the solutions for protecting your clients now and in the future