eDiscovery, Computer Forensics and Data Collection



The seminar will discuss electronic discovery (eDiscovery), electronically stored information (ESI), computer forensics and data collection. Mr. Atrizadeh will elaborate on the recent developments in technology and the guidelines in order to comply with applicable laws (e.g., FRCP 26, FRCP 34, or FRE 502) when engaged in eDiscovery. The speaker will outline the various issues that may arise during eDiscovery. He will explain the various data types and data collection guidelines. The speaker will discuss case laws, which have elaborated on the relevant issues. Finally, he will discuss the future of eDiscovery.

During this seminar you will learn more about the following:

  • What is electronic discovery?
  • What is electronically stored information?
  • What issues arise during eDiscovery?
  • What is data collection and how it relevant to eDiscovery?
  • A discussion on eDiscovery and arbitration
  • A discussion on eDiscovery and international aspects
  • A discussion on outsourcing eDiscovery and related issues
  • What is the future of eDiscovery?

Credits You’ll Earn:

FL 2g, CA 2g, NY 2g, OR 1.5g, WASH 1.5g, NJ 2g, TX 2g, CO 2g, GA 1.5g, TN 1.5g, GA 1.5g, UT 1.5 self


  • g = general
  • e = ethics
  • cert = business litigation certification
  • self = self study