The ABCs of Criminal Defense – Audio



When you purchase this dynamic audio CD seminar you’ll earn CLE credits. In this 4-CD audio album, Attorney Matthew Konecky discusses the ABCs of Criminal Defense that contribute to successful outcome for attorneys and their clients. The tools and techniques discuss will help you to understand the basics of Criminal Defense.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Five Steps on Using Discover to Your Advantage.
  • Using Pretrial Motions to Your Advantage.
  • Ethical Considerations for Criminal Defense Attorneys.
  • Bond Hearings Due’s and Don’ts.
  • The Art of Plea Offer.

Credits You’ll Earn:

CA 7g / 2e / 1sa / 1eob, CO 7g / 3.6e, FL 8.5g / 2.5e / 6.5ct, GA 7g / 2e, IL 6g, KY 6g/2e, MA 7g /2e, MO 7g / 2e, MT 7g / 2e, NE 7g / 2pr, NV 7g / 2e, NH 5g / 2e, NJ 7g / 2e, NY 7g / 2e, ND 7g / 2e, OR 5g / 2e, TN 5g / 2d, TX 5g, UT 7g / 2e, WA 7g / 2e, WV 8.4g / 2.4e


  • g = general
  • e = ethics
  • d = dual
  • ct = civil trial
  • pr = professional responsibility
  • sa = substance abuse
  • eob = elimination of bias in legal profession

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