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Advantage Continuing Education Seminars delivers high quality content and continuing education credits without the hassle of rearranging your schedule.
Our courses and seminars leave participants enthusiastic and full of knowledge.

I have been very pleased with the content provided by the Seminar Series. Without a doubt, the strategies addressed have enhanced my client base significantly. I have been impressed by the sophistication of the presentation and the ideas contained have been an invaluable asset to my practice.

B.A. Petersen, Esq.

While the presentation was excellent, the convenience was outstanding. I downloaded the seminar to my ipod and listened to the whole course during a flight. I obtained 6 hours of ethics credits with no problem and without missing a beat! I highly recommend these seminars to attorneys in states that recognize Advantage.

Michael Flanagan, Esq.

Dear Advantage Legal – I’m so excited to see how easy it was to get my CLE’s – and I could do it in my spare time! Your programs were very entertaining, and I loved the stories – especially the one on dealing with difficult people! Awesome! Thanks for a refreshing and enjoyable CLE experience!

Debra Holtzman, J.D., M.A.

Thank you for your enlightening action-packed seminars. What sets your seminars apart from others is your specific calls to action. I cannot imagine a better value for CLE credits. I wholly endorse you personally, and your seminars as well!

Brian Mangines, Esq.

The seminar was full of useful information and tactics that I can apply to my practice. I have attended many seminars with a lecture so boring and uninspiring that you were driven out the door before the seminars over. Your seminar, on the contrary, was so interesting and instructive, I did not want to miss a minute of it!

Roxanna Mirabel, P.A.

I was really in a jam – the instant downloads were perfect, and your presentations are fantastic!

P. Taylor, Esq.

I recently attended your live legal seminar in Miami, not only did I sharpen my skills and more clearly defined my goals, but it was an enjoyable way to meet my CLE requirements. Keep up the good work!

George Zednek, Esq.

I’ve been practicing for 41 years, and your content was the best I’ve ever heard. Thanks Advantage Legal!

Douglas G. Hendriksen, Esq., Chief Counsel Kennedy Space Center