Witness Preparation Techniques – OnDemand


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Learn preparation techniques to assure the recounted information is accurately construed.

Over the last several decades, researchers have identified important factors that influence how jurors evaluate witness testimony, store evidence in long-term memory, and recall key testimony during deliberations.

Witnesses who are not seen as credible, or who do not keep jurors engaged, often fail to be seen as persuasive communicators. As such, much of their testimony is difficult to recall during deliberations, or is simply dismissed out of hand. In order to be more persuasive communicators, witnesses should learn how to build a rapport with jurors, present clear narratives, and use multiple modes of communication.

This important information provides some insight into the “juror psychology” that influences persuasion, information retention, and the perceived credibility of witnesses. The material also offers strategies for conducting more effective witnesses preparation sessions for both depositions and trial. Learn techniques for successfully handling cross-examination, responding to difficult questions, and strategies for reinforcing case themes.