The Art of Mediation – DVD


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When you purchase this dynamic seminar DVD you’ll earn CLE credits. Attorney Robert Pollock discusses the key elements to effective mediation that contribute to client satisfaction. The tools and techniques discussed will help you to negotiate more effectively and choose the right mediator.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to recognize when mediation is necessary.
  • Choosing the right mediator.
  • Preparing the client for mediation.
  • Techniques to anticipate the maximum limit of your opponent.
  • Negotiation ethics.

Credits You’ll Earn:

CA 6g / 2.5e, CO 8g / 3.6e, FL 6g / 2.5e / 6.5ctc, GA 7g / 2e, IL 6g, KY 6g/2e, MA 7g /2e, MO 6g / 2.5e, MT 6g / 2e, NE 7g, NV 7g / 2e, NH 5g / 2e, NJ 6g / 2e, NY 6g / 2e, ND 6g / 2e, OR 7g, TN 5g / 2d, TX 5g, UT 6.5g / 1e / 1pc, WA 6g / 3e, WV 8.4g / 2.4e


  • g = general
  • e = ethics
  • d = dual
  • pc = professional civility
  • ctc = civil trial certification