Online Privacy and Related State, Federal, or International Laws



The seminar will expand upon both corporate and personal privacy and the applicable state, federal, or international laws. Mr. Atrizadeh will provide helpful policies on how to protect privacy. During the seminar, he will discuss the European Union search engine privacy policies and how they administer or control search engines. He will also compare the policies of the European Union with the United States. Mr. Atrizadeh will discuss social networking and search engine privacy and provide relevant case studies.

During this seminar you will learn more about the following:

  • What is online privacy?
  • What is corporate espionage and the applicable regulations?
  • Theft of trade secrets and related laws
  • Attorney-client privilege and Work-product doctrine
  • California’s privacy laws
  • Helpful policies to protect online privacy
  • Search engine privacy and technology related to cookies
  • What is geotagging?
  • What is social networking privacy?
  • What is facial recognition software?  A discussion of recent cases relevant to facial recognition software.
  • How does the NSA collect data?
  • A discussion on the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (a/k/a “ECPA”).
  • A discussion on The Onion Router (a/k/a “TOR”) and how it works.

Credits You’ll Earn:

FL 2g/1.5cert/2intl/2stat, CA 2g, OR 1.5g, WASH 1.5g, NJ 2g, TX 2g, CO 2g, TN 1.5g, GA 1.5g, UT 1.5 self, OR 1.5g


  • g = general
  • e = ethics
  • cert = business litigation certification
  • intl = International law certification
  • stat = State and federal government and administrative practice
  • self = self study