The Laws of Persuasion for Trial Attorneys – Audio



Purchase this lively and informative audio seminar and you’ll earn CLE credits. This seminar shows you how to understand the five stages of a trial. You’ll discover tools and techniques that will help you select the jury you want. Also includes how to implement the persuasive power of opening and closing statements.
What You’ll Learn:

  • The five stages of a trial.
  • Tools and techniques to help you select the jury you want.
  • How to capture the persuasive power of an opening statement.
  • How to utilize persuasive closing strategies and increase the odds for the verdict you want.

Credits You’ll Earn:

AK 6g / 2e, AZ 6g / 3e, CA 6g / 3e / 1sa / 1eob, CO 7g / 3e, GA 6g / 2e, ID 5g / 2e, IL 5g / 3pr, KY 5g / 3e, MA 5g /2.5e, MO 6g, MT 6g / 3e, NE 5g, NV 5g / 2e, NH 3g / 2e, NJ 6g / 3e, NY 6g / 3e, ND 6g / 3e, OR 5g / 3ps / 2e, TN 3g / 2d, TX 5g, UT 5g / 1e, VT 5g, WA 5g / 2e, WV 6g / 2.4e


  • g = general
  • e = ethics
  • d = dual
  • ps = practice skills
  • pr = professional responsibility
  • sa = substance abuse
  • eob = elimination of bias in legal profession