Family Law Practice – Seven Strategies for Capturing Support – Audio



Purchase this dynamic audio seminar and earn credits. This seminar shows you how to identify the best techniques for capturing support on behalf of your client. These seven strategies for capturing support give you the tools that you need in order to accurately assess the lifestyle and financial ability to pay by the support payor. Expert attorney Robert Pollack shares his years of experience as an attorney practicing family law and the best methods for increasing your odds in capturing support for your clients.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to use an economist to prove median salary.
  • When to employ a vocational rehabilitation expert.
  • The benefits of using an accountant to track living expenses and lifestyle.
  • How to prove the diversion of funds or assets.
  • How to use the Social Security administration to demonstrate income history.

Credits You’ll Earn:

AK 8g, AZ 8g, CA 8g, CO 8g, FL 8.5g / 6.5flc, GA 8g, ID 8.5g, IL 8g, KY 6g, MA 7g, MO 8g, MT 8g, NV 7g, NH 8g, NJ 8g, NY 8g, ND 8g, OR 8g, TN 8g, TX 5g, UT 8g, VT 7g, WA 7g, WV 6g / 2.4e


  • g = general
  • e = ethics
  • flc = family law certification