Facing the Challenge of Difficult People – OnDemand



Difficult people and conflict are a part of life. Finding ways to better manage both will bring you more contentment and less stress. Your effectiveness in this area means improved productivity and higher profits for you and your organization.

Some think there are many reasons for difficult behavior, but there is really just one underlying factor you need to know. This secret holds the key to unlocking the skills necessary to ease difficulty and let you get on with the business of building better relationships with colleagues, associates, staff, and family members.

As a result of this webinar you will know:

HR Certification Institute Certified Provider

  • What to say when difficult people try to control you and circumstances.
  • How to leverage what you already know to get better outcomes.
  • The specific steps required to get a handle on your hot buttons.
  • How to break the cycle that keeps you and the difficult person from reaching agreement.
  • What kind of questions and verbiage to you use to manage difficult encounters.
  • Four things you must know to maintain decorum and preserve your energy.
  • How to stretch your confidence in order to better cope with difficult people.
  • Manage the stress that comes with trying to make sense where there is none.
  • How to put a specific strategy together that will give you the upper hand.


This webinar provides 1.5 General Credit hours.


Tony Ruesing, CSP is an entrepreneur, author, and professional speaker with 5,000 presentations on communications, leadership, and managing difficult people to his credit. In 2000, he was awarded his Certified Speaking Professional credential by the National Speakers Association. He is committed to helping individuals connect with their purpose and potential so they can experience life more fully and leave a rich in character legacy.