Crowdfunding, Bitcoin and Related Laws



The seminar will expand upon the definition of Crowdfunding, its various types, and the applicable laws. Mr. Atrizadeh will discuss the SEC rulings and the future of Crowdfunding in light of recent developments. He will also discuss the future of Crowdfunding and how to protect privacy and intellectual property. Finally, the speaker will discuss Bitcoin, which is a form of cryptocurrency, and its related issues.

During this seminar you will learn more about the following:

  • What is Crowdfunding?
  • What types of Crowdfunding are available?
  • What are the applicable laws?
  • What are the SEC Rulings?
  • What is the future of Crowdfunding?
  • How do we protect privacy and intellectual property?
  • What is Bitcoin and its related issues? Is it a Ponzi Scheme?
  • What is the future of Bitcoin?