Corporate Holiday Gift Giving: How to Avoid Corruption and Bribery Risk


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Gain a better understanding of how to give corporate holiday gifts while avoiding the risk of bribery.As businesspeople, we naturally want to acknowledge and thank our customers during various holiday seasons. In this world of complex laws and varied cultural intricacies, corporate giftgiving, however, can be perilous. In the event a holiday gift is subsequently determined to be improper or unlawful, both the individual employee and the company are placed at tremendous risk. This topic explores examples of various antibribery and corruption laws that may factor into establishing appropriate corporate giftgiving guidance and then works through practical examples and considerations for establishing policies and procedures.

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Credits: CLE (Please check the Detailed Credit Information page for states that have already been approved) ,CPE ,Additional credit may be available upon request. Contact Lorman at 866-352-9540 for further information.