Basics of Sales and Use Tax – OnDemand



Learn how sales and use tax relate to each other and gain an understanding of exemptions.

Recent case law, legislative and administrative changes have been altering the landscape of sales and use tax compliance for businesses operating in a multistate environment. These issues are not limited to online businesses selling goods in customers in multiple states. Many services are moving toward a digital platform, which creates significant sales tax issues in states that impose tax on services. This topic covers the basics of sales and use tax, including how the two types of taxes work together, which state or local jurisdiction(s) can impose the tax, and how to evaluate when tax collection is required. This information also addresses, in general, what types of questions to ask to determine which goods and services are taxable in a particular state, which exemptions apply and tips for documenting them.

Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to describe how the sales and use tax work together.
  • You will be able to discuss how to determine which state can tax a particular transaction.
  • You will be able to explain how to identify when a particular state can impose tax collection responsibilities on a seller.
  • You will be able to identify the three main categories of exemptions.