Bad Plans and Specifications:A Contractor’s Perspective – OnDemand


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Learn practical tips to keep your head (and pocketbook) above water.
Plans and specifications are the roadmap for the construction of any project they instruct the contractor what to build. Clear and errorfree plans and specifications provide a project with the best chance of success. Unfortunately, when the plans and specifications for the project are deficient, defective andor contradictory, there is a strong likelihood of project failure or delay.
Then, the parties will look to one another to not only determine how to complete the project, but also to see who will pay for the cost overruns and damages for delayed completion. This topic will identify what you can best do to keep the project moving while protecting yourself from some of the pitfalls and costly damages that can result from patent or latent problems with the plans and specifications. The information will point out how to identify your responsibilities and avoid creating additional liabilities.

Learning Objectives

* You will be able to explain the role of the parties to a construction project.

* You will be able to identify the prebid and bid process.

* You will be able to describe contractual and implied liabilities surrounding the plans and specifications.

* You will be able to discuss documenting your claims or defenses.