Zoning and Planning for Urban Agriculture (OnDemand Webinar)


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Acquire examples of licensing, regulations, and zoning practices that advance the goals of urban agriculture.How are cities producing flexible yet stable regulatory regimes generative of citizens desires to produce their own food and more generally partake in localizing or regionalizing their food system? You will acquire examples of urban agriculture related licensing, regulations, and zoning practices that advance the goals of individual households as well as those of cities and metropolitan areas advancing a comprehensive resilience and sustainability agenda. Metropolitan sustainability embraces multiple agendas, among them advancing the utility of urban agriculture to promote health, to support economic and community development and to improve the urban environment. Because there are many forms of urban agriculture and many different purposes that it can serve, charting a policy course can be complex. This topic exemplifies how professionals are reexamining existing policy in light of opportunities, public goals, and relevant stakeholders, and shows you the outcomes associated with that reexamination in cities around the country.

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Learning Objectives

Production, Large and Small Scale
• Individual/Small Group Gardening
• Individual/Small Group Ag Food Sales (Farm Stands)
• Large Scale (Nonprofit, for Profit, etc.) Farming and Food Sales
• Urban Animals and Pollinators (Chickens, Goats, Bees, Bats)

Land Use
• Transitioning Brownfields
• Underutilized Public/Abandoned Land
• Short Term and Long-Term Land Tenure

Processing and Sales
• Small Scale Cottage Food Processing, Shared Kitchens, Artisan Production
• Urban-Oriented Processing/Distribution Hubs
• Public and Farmers Markets
• Mobile Vending

Energy, Water, Waste
• Alternative Energy Use in Ag/Food Context
• Waste Management, Composting
• Contribution to Storm Water Management Goals
• Runoff, Chemical Management, Remediation, etc.

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Nicholas N. De Marsh-Department of Urban and Regional Planning University of Wisconsin Madison, Alfonso Morales, Ph.D. – Department of Urban and Regional Planning University of Wisconsin Madison