Your Guide to Warehousing and Distribution (OnDemand Webinar)


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Gain an understanding of warehousing best practices and learn how to improve the flow and accuracy of inventory.Warehousing is a critical component of an organization’s many supply chains. However, warehousing, including land, equipment, various levels of automation, labor, insurance, and many other factors, is a large expense for any organization. An efficiently run warehouse minimizes the total cost of warehousing. Warehousing and a distribution warehouse have different focuses hold product safely, and move product in and out quickly, respectively. Warehousing best practices include important decisions about location, how many warehouses, layout, material handling equipment, level of automation, warehouse management software, storage, storage equipment, inventory location, receiving, and shipping guidelines. There are distinct areas within the warehouse that impact the flow and accuracy of inventory, and ultimately customer service. Receiving, stocking, picking, and shipping are challenging and important areas requiring skills and knowledge for success.

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Learning Objectives

Warehousing and Distribution
• Warehousing Definition, Activities, and Focus
• Distribution Definition, Activities, and Focus
• The Role of Warehousing and Distribution in the Economy and in Supply Chain Management

Overview of Warehousing and Distribution
• Warehousing Cost Factors
• Benefits and Challenges
• The New Role of Warehousing
• Parts of the Warehouse and Responsibilities
• Types of Warehousing

Best Practices in Warehouse and Distribution Management
• Location
• Layout
• Design
• Number of Warehouses
• Material Handling Decisions
• Barcoding and Radio Frequency Identification
• Storage Structure
• Technology
• 3PLs • Outsourcing the Warehouse Function
• Safety Considerations

ISM ,Additional credit may be available upon request. Contact Lorman at 866-352-9540 for further information.

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