Your Digital Marketing Guide to Navigating the CCPA (OnDemand Webinar)


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Learn how to effectively navigate the CCPA and how to make sure you are meeting the new OFCCP requirements.Many federal contractors who are required to prepare affirmative action plans often do not understand how to track the race and gender of applicants in a manner that will satisfy the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). They also do not understand how to track electronic applications in a manner that will satisfy the OFCCP as is required by their newly implemented regulations that went into effect earlier this year. This topic helps the persons responsible for applicant tracking to understand how first to establish an applicant tracking system for all applicants and then how to understand the process required for electronic applications. The material also explains the method required for analyzing the race and gender of applications received and how this relates to the hiring process. Failing to have a proper applicant flow system is the most common error employers make in reporting to the OFCCP. It has often led to discrimination awards of many thousands of dollars. This information is critical for employers so they can ensure their tracking system of electronic systems meets the new OFCCP requirements.

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Learning Objectives

CCPA Overview
• What Organizations Are Covered by CCPA and What Organizations Are Exempt?
• How Is Personal Information Defined in CCPA?
• What Qualifies as a Business Purpose With Respect to Personal Information Processing in CCPA?
• What Are the Key Requirements That Apply to CCPA Covered Organizations?

Business, Service Provider and Third Party in Digital Advertising Ecosystem
• How Does CCPA Define Business, Service Provider and Third Party and How Do the Roles Differ?
• How Does a CCPA Covered Organization Determine When It Is a Business,Service Provider or Third Party?
• When Is a Written Contract Between a Business and Service Provider Required for CCPA Purposes and Why?

Sale of Personal Information
• When Is the Exchange of Information in the Digital Advertising Ecosystem a Sale of Personal Information?
• If Personal Information Is Sold for CCPA Purpose, How Does a Business, Service Provider or Third Party Comply With CCPA Requirements?

Brief Review of Response to CCPA From Digital Advertising Industry Groups
• IAB CCPA Compliance Framework
• Digital Advertising Alliance’s Self-Regulatory Guidelines for California Do Not Sell My Personal Information Requests

What We Know and What We Don’t
• Status of CCPA’s Implementing Regulations
• Success of Petition to Delay CCPA’s Enforcement in Digital Advertising Ecosystem
• Status of New Ballot Initiative to Enhance CCPA

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