Wrongful Death Medical Lawsuits – Doctor vs. Hospital Liability (OnDemand Webinar)


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Gain an understanding of doctor liability versus hospital liability and what to do in a wrongful death case.
This topic explores the wrongful death claim beginning with the history and evolution of the legal basis for such claims from its roots in nineteenth century England to the present. The material also considers and discusses theories of liability and defenses raised by litigators in the context of medical malpractice claims. The unique problems faced by physicians, nurses, and the hospitals in which they work are addressed, including the effects of such claims on the licenses of said professionals. Professionals send the message to patients that they have been educated, trained and are competent in their practice.

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Learning Objectives

Wrongful Death Act
• History
• Survivors – Who Can Claim?
• Damages Economic/Noneconomic

Physician Issues
• Liability
• Defenses
• Licensure
• Reporting Judgments/Settlements

Hospital Issues
• Liability
• Defenses
• Facility Licensure
• Employee Licensure

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