Workplace Etiquette for a Successful Career (OnDemand Webinar)


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Learn the significance of implementing professional etiquette in the workplace.Employers spend millions of dollars on advertising, training, and customer service, yet a lack of professionalism and etiquette by their employees can sabotage all of that. Learn how we expose our own weaknesses when we fail to use proper etiquette. Rather than merely sharing a long list of rules to memorize, this information will teach you how the use of good etiquette and respect for others and yourself can be a true game changer for your team. Learn how to make a positive and professional first impression, to use appropriate communication skills that convey courtesy and respect for teammates, and more, through nuggets of wisdom interspersed with humorous true stories.

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Learning Objectives

First Impressions Can Shape All Future Interactions
• Learning How to Professionally Greet Others Is Key
• Professional Attire in the Workplace Has an Impact on How Others View You
• Networking Is Challenging for Many, but a Few Key Tips Can Help Make the Experience More Comfortable

Communication Is a Vital Piece of the Image You Present to Others
• Following Rules of Cell Phone and Telephone Communication Leads to Efficient and Effective Engagement
• Utilizing Email Appropriately Can Both Protect and Promote You as a Professional
• Expressing Appreciation Is Always Important

Overcoming a Faux Pas Can Be Done If You Respond Confidently and Positively
• Changing Another’s First Impression of You May Be Challenging, but Is Possible
• Apologizing for Mistakes Is Appropriate

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Patricia Simpson-Game Changing Etiquette