Work From Home Programs Dos and Don’ts (OnDemand Webinar)


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Gain valuable knowledge on how to manage and motivate employees working from home.What should you consider when determining if a work from home policy is right for your organization? This information packed topic will help you decide if a work from home program makes sense for your organization and which jobs will work well with that type of format. You will begin to dynamically understand the policy implications of work from home programs and be able to communicate those implications to potential employees who will participate in the program. Gain valuable management knowledge in general, but, more specifically, learn how to use technology as a management tool to guard against employee disengagement and, make and keep employees productive, motivated and ready to work.

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Learning Objectives

Is a Work From Home Option Right for Your Company?

Work From Home Policies and Procedures

Keeping up Virtual Morale

Using Technology as a Management Tool

Biagio W. Sciacca, Ph.D.-Intelligent Motivation, Inc.