Wireless Telecommunications Facilities in the Public Right of Way (OnDemand Webinar)


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Learn about the latest issues and trends with wireless installations in the public rightofway.Recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Orders, the growing demand for wireless network capacity, and the planned 5G network rollout are placing a strain on local governments to permit and regulate wireless facility installations in the public rightofway. Local governments are often unsure what steps to take to establish proper permitting procedures while protecting the aesthetic character of their communities. This topic will help local governments to understand the impacts of applicable federal laws and regulations. The material will explain telecommunications industry trends, the requirements being placed on local governments, and the actions that localities should take. Failing to have the necessary permitting procedures and wireless regulations in place can result in expensive legal challenges or the installation of large, unsightly wireless facilities in the public rightofway. The information will allow local governments to identify needs and develop strategies for effectively regulating the installation of small wireless facilities.

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Learning Objectives

Federal Regulations Impacting Wireless Facilities in the Public Right-Of-Way
• Introduction
• Overview of Applicable Federal Statutes
• Federal Regulations Impacting Local Authority Over Wireless Facility Deployments

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Orders
• Pole Attachment Order
• Moratoria Ban
• Small Cell Order
• State Laws

Local Government Actions in Response to Small Cell Order
• Wireless Ordinance and Application Form
• Design Standards
• Master License Agreement

Litigation Surrounding the 2018 FCC Orders
• Background
• Litigation Status

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