A Guide to Mexican Law for the U.S. Lawyer (OnDemand Webinar)


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Whether for business or for play, keep your clients’ investments safe when they decide to enter the Mexican marketplace.U.S. attorneys frequently represent clients that have companies and individuals that may be interested in doing business andor acquiring property in Mexico. There are many business opportunities in Mexico that may include distribution of products, sale of U.S. products or services, and manufacturing operations. Also, there are many individuals interested in having vacation or investment property in Mexico. The Mexican legal system is very different than the U.S. system. Therefore, it is essential for the U.S. attorney to have a general understanding of the Mexican system and to know how to deal with its clients’ Mexican opportunities and potential counterparties. This topic provides a general overview of the Mexican system and the issues that U.S. attorneys may encounter when representing clients that have decided to enter the Mexican market for business or for leisure.

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Learning Objectives

General Overview of the Mexican Legal System and Differences With the U.S. System
• Main Differences
• Important Considerations

Doing Business in Mexico
• Setting up a Company in Mexico
• Manufacturing Operations in Mexico
• Labor, Employment and Immigration Issues

Acquiring Real Property in Mexico
• Restrictions on Foreign Ownership of Real Property
• Acquisition of Real Property by Individuals and Companies

Recent Developments
• Energy Reform
• Anti-Money Laundering Law
• Privacy Law

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