8 Steps for Effective Leadership Acceleration (OnDemand Webinar)


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Are your leadership skills boosting profits and productivity? Accelerate your leadership in just 8 steps.Ethical leadership is so important today because employees will follow only those leaders that do the right thing. So many companies struggle with profits and productivity and it requires finding and following those that create an amosphere of caring and sharing. If your organization seeks more production from its employees and if a gap exists between leadership and management this topic will assist with alleviating the communication issues and helping leaders create a culture that all great companies follow.

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Learning Objectives

People Do Not Leave Bad Companies They Leave Bad Leaders
• Good Leadership Is About Relationships Between Employer and Employees, It Aids Productivity
• When People See Good Leaders Doing the Right Thing, They Model It
• Good Leadership Operate the Highest and Most Profitable Organizations

Making Mistakes Allows for Innovation
• We Grow up Learning Failure Is Not an Option, but Leaders That Allow Employees to Fail Help the Most Creative Innovations
• When Leaders Uncover a Mistake, Admit It and Move on, This Helps With Employee Motivation
• Leadership Is Not About Finding Fault During an Error but a Solution

How Getting Things Done Affects Integrity
• When We Are Accountable and When We Get Things Done Timely, People and Individuals Respect Us Because This Shows Leaders Are About Results
• We Set an Example for Ourselves Illustrating Our Focus for Timely Work, and Then Our Relationships and Our Employees
• The Most Productive and Organized Leaders Are the Easiest to Work for

Drew Stevens, Ph.D.-Stevens Consulting Group