2020 Employment Law Update – OnDemand


Make sure your policies and procedures are in compliance with all of the recent changes to Federal employment law.

A number of significant changes to Federal employment law have taken place in recent years. These changes affected employers’ obligations in areas such as hiring, wages, discrimination, and termination. This material will review significant changes in recent years; discuss the current state of the law and anticipated changes in employment law (including EEO developments, leave laws, and examples and case studies); and suggest ways to be compliant with these changes. If employers have not already done so, they should review and revise their policies and procedures to ensure they are in compliance with these changes.

Learning Objectives

  • You will be able to discuss how to get on the same page.
  • You will be able to review labor and employment law under the Trump administration.
  • You will be able to describe what to expect in 2020.
  • You will be able to recognize how to ensure employment law compliance in the changing employment law environment.