Rules for Reinventing Your Business and Your Life

Discover the Steps and Solutions for Reinventing Your Business and Your Life



It’s never too late to change directions in your business & personal life. You just have to decide! In this program you will learn the strategies that the world’s leading corporations, organizations and people have taken to reinvent their businesses and lives.

This program is designed to take you on a journey that will give each attendee specific steps leading to their own plan for the ultimate victory.

What You’ll Learn

Module 1: The Long and Winding Road

Module 2: Reinvention for Me?

Module 3: What Does Reinvention Mean

Module 4: Seven Signs It’s Time to Reinvent Your Business & Your Life

Module 5: Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to Look at & Evaluate for Improvement

  • Your Fundamental Approach To People.
  • Your Compensation Philosophy.
  • Your New Product/Service Development Approach.
  • Your Employee Development Philosophy and Investment.

Module 6: Four Business Models to Choose From to Dominate Your Market

  • Operational Excellence: These companies provide standard products with the least inconvenience. They are defined by low prices and hassle free service.
  • Product Leadership: These companies are product leaders and innovators that are always pushing past the known. Their value proposition is very simple to produce the best products.
  • Change process
  • Customer Intimacy: Customer intimate companies are highly flexible and in tune to the needs of specific companies.
  • Distribution Dominance: Distribution Dominant companies feature companies that thrive by dominating distribution channels in the category.

Module 7: Dr. Rick’s Seven Simple Rules for Reinvention

  • What makes an effective leader: qualities of success
  • Seven blocks to team success and how you can overcome them
  • Building the team-types of teams
  • Involving the team in the planning process
  • Keys to success building your dream team
  • Getting others to “buy” your plan

Module 8: Case Studies

  • Heineken: John Leone, St. Maarten
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Yerucham: Ayalim Association Entrepreneurs
  • Apple: Steve Jobs