Conflict Management

Conflict Management Training Program Advantage Continuing Education Seminars

conflictOne of the most difficult tasks we all face in our lives is dealing with conflict. How we handle conflict determines whether it is a positive or negative experience for us.  To be successful at work, you must be able to effectively confront conflict head-on and we have solutions for you! If you don’t learn to master the art of managing conflict, you could risk hurting your career success, your personal happiness and even worse, the happiness of others who depend on you. The good news is we understand the challenges that you face and we have the solutions to meet your needs!



You’ll Learn How To:

  • Handle confrontation calmly and professionally, without fear, or anxiety.
  • Maintain your cool when you’re involved in conflict.
  • Strengthen workplace relationships by knowing how to work through disagreements.
  • Recognize symptoms of conflict so you can confront it before it happens.
  • Handle backstabbers and those who spread gossip about you and others.
  • Know what to say when someone puts you down or criticizes you unjustly in front of others.
  • Work through differences with your boss to achieve excellent results.
  • Calmly confront annoying behaviors of team members without angering or offending them.
  • Prevent anger, tears, and unwanted emotions from entering the workplace.
  • Increase your productivity by not wasting time and energy in pointless arguments with coworkers and supervisors.
  • Know how to easily defuse an angry person so the situation doesn’t escalate.
  • Use disagreement as a tool to strengthen your team and improve cooperation with others.
  • Enjoy a calmer more productive work environment where people get along.
  • Avoid being dragged into arguments you want no part of.
  • Identify stressors that bring conflict into your life and eliminate them immediately.
  • Communicate clearly to stop mixed messages that can lead to disagreements.

Workshop Agenda:

I. Understanding Conflict – and Why It Makes Us So Uncomfortable

  • Exploring the underlying causes of conflict
  • Proven solutions for minimizing causes of conflict so you can prevent disagreements from occurring in the first place
  • Learn how fear of conflict can hold you back personally and professionally
  • Understand why avoidance, power plays, and manipulation prevent conflict resolution.
  • How you can benefit and grow from conflict

II. Conflict-Resolution Skills That Help You Work Through Disagreements

  • Mastering the five steps to conflict resolution
  • Things to avoid when dealing with conflict
  • Negotiating secrets that help resolve disagreements
  • Five critical steps that lead to agreement

III. Mastering Confrontation: An Approach That Will Improve Your Results Immediately

  • Steps for getting beyond the fear
  • How-to’s for confronting someone in a calm, professional manner
  • How to avoid over-reacting
  • Proven techniques for neutralizing your emotions
  • How to handle verbal abuse during confrontation
  • Recognizing when its better not to confront

IV. Managing Your Anger Effectively

  • Basic facts about anger
  • A 4-stage response to anger
  • How to get your point across without blowing up
  • Tactics for defusing an angry person
  • Crisis management: What do when someone’s anger threatens to turn into violence

V. Handling Conflict and Confrontation in Difficult Situations

  • Using scripts to guide you through common conflict situations
  • Techniques for dealing with backstabbing, ridicule, and malicious gossip
  • What to do when you’re challenged or put down in front of others
  • Solutions for handling criticism without getting defensive or upset
  • Tools for handling various negative behaviors of difficult people

VI. Communication Mastery Your Key to Conflict Resolution

  • The 3 C’s of conflict communication
  • Communication skills for resolving disagreements quickly
  • Conflict-escalating words that you should never use during confrontation
  • Stop mixed messages with clear communication
  • Responses and scripting that can head off conflict before it starts
  • Listening skills that help you hear what’s really being said – and avoid misunderstandings

VII. How to Handle Conflict and Stress

  • Recognizing the long-term health hazards of stress, anger, and unresolved conflict
  • How to deal with stressors that lead to conflict in your life
  • Quick solutions guaranteed to help you keep your cool
  • How to eliminate internal dialogue that can sabotage your best efforts
  • The 5-step process for recovering after a difficult confrontation

Who Should Attend

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • HR Personnel
  • Help Desk
  • Staff
  • Frontline Staff
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Sales
  • Customer Service Personnel
  • IT Professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Front Desk Personnel