Championship Coaching and Team Building Skills

Motivate, Support, Train, and Reward Your Team Effectively Through Coaching and Teambuilding!

coachingIf you supervise others, if you are responsible for getting results from the efforts of multiple employees, then you’re in charge of a team—and the team’s success depends on your ability to motivate, support, train, give feedback and reward. The bottom line is you need to lead your people to achieve the organizations objectives.

This two day program was designed to achieve exactly that.


Day One Morning Session: Topics Covered

  • How Effective Is It Is Your Team A Self Analysis
  • The Difference between Groups and Teams
  • Do You Mean Team or Participation
  • Which Type of Team Will Work for You?
  • Rules to Break-Rules to Keep
  • An Eight Step Plan Sharing Change with Your Team
  • Reacting to Change
  • The Four Stages of Learning and Growing Your Team
  • Buy In “Getting Your Team on Board with Company Goals”
  • Your Mission Statement and Its Role in Your Success
  • Developing a Mission Statement
  • Action Planning for Excellence
  • 10 Secrets to Building Team Spirit

Day One Afternoon Session: Topics Covered

  • Five Stages of Team Development Teams and Behaviors
  • Management Versus Leadership
  • The Role of Management and Leadership and Teambuilding
  • Forming: Critical Activities
  • Choosing New Team Members Will Stick around When the Going Gets Tough: a Team Process
  • Getting New Employees off to a Fast Start by Discussing the Big Picture during Orientation
  • Types of Meetings
  • Meeting Ground Rules
  • Effect of Discussion Skills or “Jamming for Success”
  • Meeting Evaluation Criteria
  • Storming: Critical Activities
  • The Art of Giving Constructive Feedback
  • Word Choice
  • Receiving Feedback
  • Three Modes of Communication
  • Four Steps to Active Listening
  • The Elements of a Successful Performance Improvement Plan

Day Two Morning Session: Topics Covered

  • How to Conduct Legally Sound Disciplinary Actions
  • Four Important Questions That Help Difficult Employees
  • Four Critical Steps to Ensure Discipline Sticks-The Follow-Up
  • Managing Conflict and Confrontation
  • Seven Step Model for Managing Conflict and Solving Problems
  • Norming and Performing The Cycle for All Teams
  • Consensus Decision-Making the Best Choice
  • Five Step Delegation Formula that Builds Teams
  • Like Best/Next Time: a Process Improvement Technique That Works
  • Reforming: the Onion Patch Strategy Building Your Professional Relationships
  • Putting It All Together As a Leader
  • Prioritizing Your Actions Steps for Growth
  • Conducting Employee Performance Evaluations and Reviews

Day Two Afternoon Session: Topics Covered

  • How to Design Winning Incentives for Your Team
  • Best Practices: Making the Leap from Worker to Supervisor
  • 12 Actions You Can Take to Establish Authority, Boost Credibility and Gain Commitment
  • The Foundation SMART Goals
  • 10 Major Reasons Associates Don’t Meet Performance Standards
  • 10 Steps for Overcoming Associate Challenges Quickly
  • Personal Solution Skills for the Modern Manager
  • Managing Your Time and Priorities
  • Minimizing the Stress of Supervisory Nightmares
  • Communications Techniques That Make a Difference
  • End of Course Mastermind and Review