It’s no exaggeration to say that apps are critical to Internet use. Consider this: The average American now accesses the Web primarily through mobile devices, not desktop or laptop computers. Apps provide the most seamless possible mobile experience, streamlining content in a way that mobile browsers can’t compete with.

Still, it may surprise you to learn just how integral apps have become to the online experience. How integral? Integral enough that Google is now listing apps as their own stand-alone entries in mobile search queries. For example, if you get out your mobile device and do a Google search for Snapchat right now, you’ll probably get a list of search results that includes a direct link to the App Store, where you can download Snapchat straight away. You’ll find the same for countless other queries—so long as it’s a query that directly ties to a particular app.

App Indexing and Optimization

This is a process known as app indexing, and all it means is this: Just as Google indexes Web pages to display to online searchers, it also indexes apps to display where relevant.  But this doesn’t happen by accident. If you have an app that you want displayed in Google search queries, you’ve got to optimize it, just like you would any other piece of line content.

This presents a number of new opportunities for business owners and marketers who have their own apps in the App Store—but to seize those opportunities, you first need to understand a few things about app optimization.

Some Tips for App Optimization

This is a pretty big topic, but here are a few quick pointers I can offer:

  • Make sure your app title has some good, descriptive keywords in it. For example, the IMDB app isn’t just called IMDB; it’s IMDB: Internet Movie Database, which allows it to plug a keyword or two while also telling searchers exactly what the app is.
  • Include a strong description of your app, also including a few well-chosen keywords.
  • Remember that ratings and reviews help, so encourage your users to leave feedback for your app.
  • Be sure to promote your app through other online properties, including social media sites.

Maybe your company has no interest in apps—but please make no mistake about it: Apps can be an invaluable part of your search strategy. Learn more about app optimization, and general marketing strategies, today.