Jessica Kizorek

Make Them BEG

Above all else, Jessica Kizorek is a storyteller. As a video producer for the last 14 years, Jessica has mastered the art telling stories with video. She’s also written eight books on how to tell YOUR story effectively.

With her dad, Jessica has produced over 30 charity videos for prestigious organizations like the Lions Club, Special Olympics and the International Rescue Committee. On the corporate side she’s worked with big brands like Bacardi, Moet Hennesey, and MAC Makeup.

She’s traveled to over 60 countries on all seven continents, is an adjunct professor at the Miami Ad school, author of 8 books, public speaker, consultant, and video producer. She’s lectured at Princeton, University of California – Berkley, University of Michigan, Miami-Dade College, FIU, and University of Miami.

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