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Greg Williams

The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert

Greg is a TV News Contributor and an internationally known and sought after speaker, that has the genuine concern of others at the core of his business. He is known as “The Master Negotiator & Body Language Expert”. Being a business owner since 1993, Greg has an extensive background in management and business operations. He is an author, thought leader, and presenter, who has mastered the fine art of negotiation and reading body language, and is a worldwide recognized public speaker and trainer on those subjects.

Greg has enhanced the lives of thousands of people, by teaching them strategies they can use to become better negotiators. He gives added value to his presentations, trainings, and seminars by also teaching participants how to read body language, while using emotional intelligence to heighten participant’s negotiation abilities. He’s done so on numerous TV and radio programs, in magazine articles, in his books, by coaching individuals, presenting to or training people in corporations, seminars, Webinars, and via Podcasts. In his efforts to provide ‘added value’, he has negotiated many multi-million dollar deals on behalf of his clients.

Greg is the author of the highly acclaimed book, “Negotiate: Afraid, ‘Know’ More”, and the forthcoming book titled, “Negotiate and Read Body Language: Negotiation Strategies To Get What You Want”. He also has over 500 published articles on the topic of negotiation and reading body language to his credit.

For those that are serious about achieving more in life and becoming better negotiators, while having the ability to read body language, he has also created …

The highly acclaimed audio CD set, “How To Negotiate Your Way To Riches”
The worldwide distributed, “Negotiation Tip of the Week”
The latest insightful hit negotiation tool he’s created is …

The new video DVD, “How to Read and Use Body Language When Negotiating” and a host of other continuing educational products related to negotiation and reading body language.

All of these life altering, moneymaking, educational enhancements possess information that anyone seeking to improve their position at the negotiation table can use to get better deals when negotiating.  If you wish to have more, get more, and do more in your life and business, invest in yourself.  Obtain Greg’s knowledge and discover new negotiation and body language strategies that you can use in your negotiations. Your opportunities will soar!

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